Introduction of wrapping paper cover

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Wrapping paper cover is a kind of packaging accessories made of micro tile or white paper for sealing other containers.

In the production process of packaging containers, the containers are designed to be open due to specific needs, such as packaging cups, open paper cans, cartons, paper barrels, etc., and a matching sealing cover will be designed at the same time. The advantages of paper lids are low cost, convenient processing, easy mass production, and environmental protection, but the disadvantages are low strength and no moisture resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of disposable packaging, such as: fast food packaging, medical drug packaging, etc.

Paper Lid Machine

Paper Lid machine is only produce by our company . This model is the best lid machine for ice cream cup cover . As it no need pipe making and pipe forming ,  no need glue . It is working like paper cup machine .